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BRG is pleased to announce VeriTX !!!

VeriTX is a trusted marketplace for digital assets utilizing a platform-based business model to enable the aerospace digital supply chains of Industry 4.0. The enabling technologies are 3D Printing and Blockchain Provenance. By fusing technologies, VeriTX will enable production to move beyond the traditional four walls of a factory to a distribute network. VeriTX will push the conversion of bits to atoms to the point of consumption and drives the nonvalue-added costs out of supply chains…packaging, shipping, warehousing, inventory management, customs fees. Additionally, VeriTX will enable rapid forensics in the event of a part malfunction or failure. VeriTX also will leverage blockchain smart contracts and hashing for data and process integrity. In markets where the risk of counterfeit parts negatively impacting supply chains is high, VeriTX will provide attestation of part integrity. VeriTX will unlock the 4th Modality of Logistics…Land, Air, Sea and now Digital!

Phases to Industry 4.0.

“D0…Digital Readiness D1…Digital Operations D2…Digital Customer Experience D3…Digital Business Models BRG realizes most value is generated by creating efficiency and optimization, but in the end all must support human centricity. Contact BRG to get started on your journey to the digital ecosystem of Industry 4.0 and the creation of value for your customers.” From James Regenor at Industry of Things USA East, Orlando FL. Nov 2018

Blockchain Resources Group LLC has expanded our practice. Digital transformation in Aerospace, 3D Printing, Defense, Pharma, Food Safety, Medical Supply Chain, Smart Government, and Human Capital Supply Chain are our areas of practice. Creating custom Blockchain enabled solutions and new business models that create value is our business. Contact me direct to get started on your journey to Industry 4.0!


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